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Need Help Getting Out of Bed?

By Blaine Reyes

It all starts at night!  What better way to prepare for your day than starting your preparations in advance...

A few things you could do the night before:

Check your calendar and plan accordingly (do you need to wear a suit, print out a presentation, find directions?),

Set your alarm,

Plan and lay out your outfit (to include accessories and shoes),

Shower at night and jump into clean sheets (this alone has many benefits),

Go to bed early (or at a reasonable time),

Pack your breakfast, lunch, and/or snacks in advance,

Tidy your house (a ten-minute tidy each and every night can work wonders), and/or

Find your keys and put them in a regular spot near your exit.

If you want to create an evening routine or healthy habit, break out your calendar and create a reoccurring time block with a 15-minute reminder or set a reoccurring alarm on your mobile device. 

A little bit of planning goes a long way!   

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